I'm Selahattin.

I was born in 1993 in Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating High School, I did not go to University 😬 Instead of that, I've started my career in 2013 🚀

I've worked in various companies as a Software Developer. Then I've decided to work as a Freelancer. Since July 2019 I've been working for Swiftmade as a Independent Contractor - Software Developer 🥳 I could not visit Tallinn yet because of the Coronavirus but I'm looking forward to visit Tallinn 🥶 (I've visited Tallinn and it was amazing! 🎉)

Apart from the software, I love to making music when I have some free times. I can't play any instrument but I can make electronic music 🎧 Wanna hear some?

I also have a Youtube channel where I share programming tutorials. If you are interested with it, you can check it out.

Selahattin Ünlü