How I Manage My Life?

I kinda feel like I need to document my life. So actually this is the reason why I've built this website and publishing this contents, right? :)

Time Allocation

I allocate time for the things that I have to work in a day. For example

  • 08:00am - 10:00am Record a tutorial
  • 10:00am - 17:00pm Work for daily job

like this. I basically create time blocks like this on the Calendar of Mac. In this way I can reach it easily using my iPhone as well.


I like to taking notes. In order to take and organize my notes, I'm using Notion. It's free and useful tool that I know ever for notes.


Using to focus something and get into flow.

Project Management

I've tried many tools before. I could not love them anyway. I'm using Clickup nowadays.

Personal Tasks

I've preferred to using Microsoft TODO to keep list I need to do. I was using Todoist before but you should pay to able to use reminders in Todoist while you don't have to pay for it in Microsoft TODO. This is the reason why I choosed Microsoft TODO.

Read it later

There are a lot of resources out there and we don't have enough time to consume them in a day. If I saw something that I think it could be great to learn or check, basically I'm putting it into pocket ( and checking it out later.

Resetting the Month

I've created a to-do list to reset the month. The list contains that I have to do before I can start a new month. For example, pay bills, send office rental fee, pay taxes etc. It contains 23 tasks for now. It's getting growing 🥺. I need to automate some of the tasks 😬.

Resetting the Week

I'm planning my week to be more productive every Sunday.


I've accounts on maybe thousands of websites. I don't want to use the same password for the all of them. I can't create unique password for all of them and remember them by myself. So I use 1Password to handle it.

Other stuff

ProtonVPN - Brave - Duckduckgo - Thor