Week 4 — 17 January, 2022

What I've learned previous week?


Yeah! 👀 You've read it correct. 👀 I'm a software developer and I was hating photoshop. But after I've decided to focus on my social media accounts, I've realized that I need to edit my pictures. Of course I'm not trying to be an expert in Photoshop, but I've learned basically how I can manipulate the color of the pictures to make them matched each other.

Da Vinci Resolve

As you know, I'm publishing youtube tutorials. I need to use one video edit software to edit my videos. Da Vinci Resolve is free one and it's amazing. I can't believe how it can be free without putting a watermark! Can you believe that???

I'm trying to learn how to improve my audio quality on the youtube videos. Also I'm using it to create my Instagram reels. I like it so much! 🚀

Developer Tools: Rendering

I was working on a project at Swiftmade. The project that I'm working on had a performance issue. Somehow we were encountering dropped frames when we drag a widget around the page. In order to fix that issue I should have understood the problem first. In order to figure out the issue I've discovered 'Rendering' tool in Developer tools. And it really helped me a lot to understand when this problem occurs.

What did I do during previous week?

Apart from working on the projects at Swiftmade, I also did some other things.

A new youtube tutorial

I had started cloning Twitter two weeks ago. This week I've published the second episode of that.

I've shared a reels

Me, when the code I wrote works on the first try