Week 3 — 10 January, 2022

What did I do during previous week?

I mostly did experimental things about social media accounts. I was not caring about my social media accounts earlier. This year I want to be producer instead of being consumer. This is why I've started creating Youtube videos, weekly update contents etc.

I've tried to increase my Instagram followers but it did not go well 😬 I hope I'll learn the tricks and apply them on my account.

I've decided to remove all pictures from my Instagram account. Because they were shared randomly without paying attention to the color matches. I aim for a much more consistent and professional-looking appearance. Hope I'll reach that 🙏

Added my youtube videos into my website using Youtube Data API

I was planning adding them to my website but I could not find time to implement it. This weekend I've completed it! You can reach that page using "Programming Tutorials" link on the navbar. It was redirecting to my youtube channel earlier. But now, you'll see my youtube videos there 🥳

A new youtube tutorial

While I'm implementing that feature I've mentioned above, I've also record a video while doing that. I've thought in this way people also can learn how to use Youtube Data API for their websites.

I've shared a reels: Software Development: Expectation vs Reality