Things to consider while building a website

This blog post will be updated as I learn new stuff.

Head Tags

Do not forget to set head tags correctly for each page.

  • meta title
  • meta description
  • meta keywords
  • meta image
  • meta open graph tags (og)
  • meta twitter share tags
  • meta color-scheme
  • meta theme-color
  • link favicon with different sizes (16x16, 32x32)
  • link apple-touch-icon
  • link canonical
  • link manifest

Image optimization

  • Don't load image which has big file sizes on mobile.
  • Use lazy loading
  • Use placeholder (for example blur)

User Preferences

  • dark mode support
  • reduce motion support

Browser Compability

You should pay attention to support at least major browsers

  • Known css bugs and browser engines' issues
  • polyfills

Mobile Compability

Come on!


Don't forget to optimize website. You can use:

  • Lighthouse
  • page speed insights


  • ...


  • Google Analytics



  • webmanifest file

Links to learn more