👋 Hi, I'm Selahattin Ünlü
Full Stack Developer
with passion for
I'm a software developer who specializes in React, Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwindcss. I love creating user-friendly websites and am always eager to learn new things. Let's collaborate to bring your web development projects to life!
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10+ years of experience
on web development
In my career, I have developed a diverse range of projects, including e-commerce websites, booking systems, corporate websites, SaaS projects, and online education platforms.
My extensive experience in web development has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to tackle complex projects and deliver outstanding results. I am passionate about using the latest technologies and trends to build innovative and intuitive web applications that meet my clients' needs and exceed their expectations.
Whether you are looking to build a new website, redesign an existing one, or develop a custom web application, I am here to help. My expertise spans across various industries, and I am committed to delivering top-notch solutions that drive results for my clients.
Selahattin Ünlü
Full Stack Developer
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My Products
that I built with love
Even though I made a lot of different products in past, they all are not available now for various reasons. But I am still having the same passion and lvoe for building my own producs. I'm very proud of being a maker and I will continue to build more products in the future.
AI powered English Practice App
Vocabrain is an ai powered English Practice App that helps you do your daily practice, improve your vocabulary, learn grammar and more.
Free Tools
A collection of free tools
I'm building a collection of free tools that you can use for free.
The next one?
Will be here soon
I'm working on a new product. It will be here soon. Stay tuned!
The projects
that I worked on
In my career, I have developed a diverse range of projects, including e-commerce websites, booking systems, corporate websites, SaaS projects, and online education platforms.
Corporate Website
As a client of Swiftmade, Wrkland offers co-working spaces across more than three countries. During my time at Swiftmade, I had the opportunity to build their website, following the design provided by Wrkland.
Wrkland Booking
Booking System
While working at Swiftmade, I was responsible for implementing the provided design and building the website with all functionality for our client, Wrkland. Throughout the project, I utilized my expertise to ensure the website met the client's specifications and exceeded their expectations..
Landing page with scroll animations
While working at Swiftmade, I had the opportunity to build Workhouse's landing page with scroll animations. It was exciting to be able to contribute to their online presence in this way.
Milvus Robotics
Dashboard to manage robots
I worked as a front-end developer on a project for Milvus Robotics, who are one of Swiftmade's clients. Our team designed and developed an incredible dashboard to efficiently manage robots. The project was extremely stimulating and rewarding for me.
Side Project
Tringalo is a platform designed to connect globetrotters and shoppers from all corners of the world. I developed the app from inception to launch and continue to oversee its ongoing maintenance.
Emuraf Solie
E-Commerce Store
I utilized WooCommerce to build a robust e-commerce store for them.
Online education platform
As a full-stack developer at Vidobu, I spearheaded the platform's UI overhaul, introducing fresh new features that included seamless payment integration, as well as 3rd party API integration. These changes significantly enhanced the user experience and platform functionality.